Group Training Sessions

Monthly Sessions are the way to shift focus from money to mission and create partnerships with donors.

This 9-session training may have attendees from one organization or fundraisers from different organizations. Attendance is limited to 5-8 fundraisers.

Initial sessions will begin identifying the current challenges of the fundraising program/s. As appropriate, attendees will develop ways to succeed with the MCF system in their organization. Subsequent sessions will be used to develop meaningful ways to create relationships inside and outside the organization, how to gather donor understanding, and connect the value of renewing donors. We will discuss how to build authentic relationships with current individual donors for the purpose of money. We will build awareness of money beliefs and how they impact fundraising.We will also review the current fundraising vocabulary to create a more donor friendly fundraising environment.

We will explore feelings and beliefs on asking and receiving money and change old ideas to have fundraising feel like a happy activity. Time will be allocated to discover how relationships among the Executive Director, Board Members, and Fundraisers are impacted by the MCF system.

How are the 9 sessions organized

Join with me in monthly sessions to create your fundraising plan that will enable relationship building and motivate high donor renewal. I will facilitate a work environment for members of this group to learn from each other. We will identify challenges while growing a giving-culture that focuses energy on the mission.

You will also schedule one phone coaching session per month with me between meetings. The phone session is to focus on specific issues in each fundraising program. Additional coaching calls can be scheduled for a separate fee.
Fundraising professional responsible for annual giving and who manage individual donors’ giving activity and donor relationships.

Time will be scheduled: Meeting dates will be set at same time monthly once those attending sign on and establish time best suited for all.

$100 per session per attendee including the coaching call. I ask that you make a commitment to all meetings. If you need to miss a meeting I can work to provide information missed.

    Content of 9-Session Course

    To establish Mission Centered Fundraising into the Fundraising Program

    • Introduction (overview of course, key differences/benefits, identify differences).
    • Build the Fundraising Team (roles/responsibilities, beliefs/values, process to change, next steps).
    • Establishing the Fundraising Relationship Cycle (Donor interest/contact, deepening the connection, communications, feedback/updating/reflection, renew)
    • Donor Experience Management System (creating a priority list of current donors, who’s involved, strategies with donors on renewal)
    • Continue with Donor Experience Management System.
    • Identify challenges of change with the Fundraising Team (fundraiser asking for gift, Organization’s support of the Fundraiser to succeed, creating meaningful partnerships for Donors).
    • Identify the challenges of creating an effective Fundraising Relationship Cycle ( donor experience, identify values reflected in MCF, reflection/feedback, identify beliefs in asking, receiving, and money).
    • Identify the challenges of managing the Donor Experience Management System (Building meaningful Donor relationships for renewal and Fundraisers management skills)
    • Review, Reflect, Create next steps, and establish commitment to donors renewing. Course participants share experience and plans for donors.

    Overview of 9-Session Course
    To establish MCF into your Organization

    • 1 Introduction MCF and fundraising programs of attendees
    • 2 Sessions on the Fundraising Team
    • 2 Sessions on the Fundraising Relationship Cycle
    • 3 Sessions on the Donor Experience Management System
    • 1 Session on review, reflection, and next steps

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