change the way you communicate with your donors.

My direct mail checklist will help you to transform the way you interact with your donors, bringing in more money, and feeling better in every day.


As a Fundraiser, you are taught to focus on the money and the needs of the mission over the needs of the donors. By doing this, you are in an ongoing cycle severing relationships with individual donors and searching for new donors who are willing to give.

Break the cycle and transform your fundraising approach with Mission Centered Fundraising.

A human approach to making money for your organization, leaving everyone fulfilled, and anxious to give more.


Individual Donors Give More Than 80% of Annual Gifts in the US.


Focusing on the individuals is a no brainer. We need to do it, I can show you how.

The Mission Centered Fundraising System


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Individual donors




Results Oriented




It's time we fix the problem.

Connect with me to see how Mission Centered Fundraising can transform the way your organization makes money.

We can do this together.

Fundraiser mastermind calls

Introduce the calls here. Who benefits and why?


For individuals within an organization or the entire group.


Hosted by third parties or personalized workshops for your organization.

I valued my work with Penny because her approach to philanthropy is about genuine connection of donors to the cause of the organization.
— Helen L. Breña, Chief Executive Officer | YMCA OF SOUTHERN MAINE

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