Professional Coaching for CEOs and Fundraisers

Mission Centered Fundraising

This coaching is for the CEO or Chief Development Officer. It is one-to-one coaching designed to support CEO and CDO to create more success for the fundraising program with door renewal. The focus will begin with the challenges identified. A work process will be formulated from there.  A plan will be developed with goals and a time frame.

Coaching sessions are 1-1.5 hours. The length of time and number of sessions will be based on the organization’s goals, timeframe, and current status of the individual giving program.

Initial information and planning sessions would include both the CEO and CDO. You are invited to ask questions and make comments.

Making Change Real

Changing longtime habits of following money goals and creating strategies to get the money involves a process. Once donors are valued as partners, creating a change process is the action. I can help you with this process.  Issues will be identified, visions created, goals will be set, and the process of change will be mapped out.


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