The amount of time spent getting new donors and leaving relationships behind has a high cost to organizations in money and community relationships.  This is also true when fundraisers’ job turnover is 24 months or less.   The rewards for renewing donors annually affirms their commitment to the mission and joy in the giving experience.  Very few organizations today focus on the joy of giving and the benefits of authentic relationships.

Real relationships are more than strategies.  Partnerships are more than transactions.  Commitment to donor happiness and real interactions is possible and will take a fundraising program to the next level.

Building relationships is noticing the person who makes the gift

Meaningful connections with the donor and their desire to be seen and to feel the importance of their participation is reciprocity for the donor.

Meeting a community need is the reason a person makes a gift

For a variety of reasons a person supports a mission. It is important their reason is known and the organization connects with a donor’s reason for giving.  

For the donor serving the mission is more important than the money

Organizations feel the need for the money.  Donors want to connect with the mission and feel the reciprocity and the joy of their connection.

Partnership, collaboration, and cooperation provide the perspective to successfully serving the mission.  

Philanthropy and fundraising join together at Renewable Philanthropy to respect the joy of giving and serving the mission.  

Promise to the Fundraiser

I will partner in a thoughtful and creative process that inspires the fundraiser to maximize professional potential in fundraising.

A professional coaching relationship that includes an agreement with defined goals and responsibilities for each person.