Create a Mission Centered Fundraising Program


This virtual program is for fundraisers who are tired of losing donors, focusing on money with mostly transactional donor relationships, and people not liking fundraising. You can create change with Mission Centered Fundraising (MCF). MCF is a 3-part system that promises to change the donor and fundraiser experience. Attendees will plan for increasing current donor renewal up to 90%.

Participants will join with other fundraisers co-creating a plan for this essential transformation in donor engagement. MCF enables fundraisers to create authentic donor relationships that connect with donors’ desire to help and inspire their renewal.  

This work includes creating ways to communicate with the CEO to support the transition to MCF. Focusing on the mission allows a shift in the fundraising culture. With MCF, fundraising becomes a community building program and donors are partners in service. Fundraisers manage donor relationships and renewal that meet financial goals.




  • Create a plan to use Mission Centered Fundraising  3-part system

  • Create a plan to manage donor experiences for high renewal…… up to 90%

  • Clarify fundraising role for the board and CEO

  • Develop ways to connect with staff for information on program activities

  • Design a communication plan for donors


These 2 hour calls will be via Zoom Conference. There will be 7 calls, once per month. There is a limit of 8 people per call and a minimum of 4. There will be 2-6 hours of homework given at each session.


  • Introduction of Mission Centered Fundraising 3-part system and create ways for participants to communicate with the CEO

  • Part 1. Creating a collaborative and cooperative team

  • Part 2  Design plan for managing donor experience

  • Part 3  Design annual cycle of activities for donor renewal

  • Discuss plan, time, and concerns transition with MCF

  • Review and Reflect.  Share plans and next steps 

  • The 3-month follow up call to share and update progress


Each participant will have a plan they design for their organization to use Mission Centered Fundraising with individual donors. You will be able to begin to evolve fundraising as a community building program. 


$500.00 for seven group calls.

Calls are starting fall of 2019. Complete the form below to begin your registration. I will be in touch regarding specific dates based on the number of sign ups and availability within the group.