Finding Happiness in Fundraising

Executive Directors! It is time to shift the perspective of fundraising!

The Finding Happiness in Fundraising workshop explores a 3-part system called Mission-Centered Fundraising. Mission-Centered Fundraising turns fundraising into a joyous community-building activity, in which the organization, donors and the fundraisers partner to serve their mission.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Identify who is really on the Fundraising Team
  • Learn the importance of the Fundraising Relationship Cycle
  • How to use the Donor Experience Management Framework to keep donors engaged, and renewal high.

You will leave the workshop understanding the value, function and process of building a giving community which makes service to the mission the end goal for everyone, raising donor renewal while meeting financial goals.

This workshop is an interactive and experiential learning opportunity. I will come to you and your team.

Pre-workshop Introductory Discussion - 1 hour
Onsite Workshop Duration - 1.5 Hours
Post Workshop Debriefing - 30 minutes to 1 hour

Cost: $1,500*

*Other expenses such as travel are additional and will be discussed during the pre-workshop session.

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