The fundraising system is broken.

We’re focused on reaching each financial goal, hustling to find new donors, and pushing for more gifts.

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Create natural, easy relationships with donors to create a greater community impact.


In my 35 years as a fundraiser, I have learned that by developing a core fundraising team, natural relationships can be created between donors, the board, and executives.

We can find ease in ongoing donor support and increased impact on the mission, and ultimately on our communities.


 I work with non-profit fundraising teams to implement my three part system, Mission Centered Fundraising. It’s a whole new way to engage with donors, increase impact, and bring success to your organization.


 Schedule a free consultation with me to learn the best way for you
to implement Mission Centered Fundraising in your organization.

I valued my work with Penny because her approach to philanthropy is about genuine connection of donors to the cause of the organization.
— Helen L. Breña, Chief Executive Officer | YMCA of Southern Maine

Hi, I’m Penny Harris

I’m an experienced fundraiser with a passion for transforming the parts of the process that don’t work, don’t serve the people involved, and need to change.