Fundraisers are tired of losing donors, focusing on money with mostly transactional donor relationships, and people not liking fundraising. Yet fundraising and philanthropy, together, make our communities wonderful places to live.

The focus on money speaks to the fundraiser’s need, not the donor’s desire to give. Fundraisers can inspire donors to renew their gifts when it is about serving the mission. 

Fundraiser’s take credit for raising money and empathy for the donors’ desire is lost. Money is how donors commit to a mission. Giving reflects their desire to help and experience connection. Fundraisers can support deepening donors’ commitment and renewal makes sense. What is the change we need to make?

Mission Centered Fundraising can change this money focused culture. MCF enables the fundraiser to meet financial goals and provide donors reciprocity, in real and authentic ways.  MCF is a 3-part system that creates the energy and interest in renewal. With a priority for renewing donors, up to 90%, organizations grow strong communities of support. Bonds are created, collaboration is encouraged and reciprocity is experienced.

Fundraisers will lead programs with mission focused experiences for donors who are partners.  Long-term donors grow in their understanding and compassion for how the mission serves the larger community. It’s the connection that inspires donors to stay.

This is time to step back and think how the focus of money misses the human-to-human connection for the benefit of community. Mission Centered Fundraising acknowledges we join together in service of the mission. We are members of the same team.



Penny Harris, ACC

Penny Harris has a great variety of experience in fundraising over the past 30 years. In her research and thousands of interviews with donors, along with her own giving experiences, have given her a unique perspective on fundraising. She is passionate about honoring the donors and their desire to help. She is also committed to create ways to recognize fundraising and giving is at the heart of community building. Working with Penny will have you wanting to interact with donors in real ways to build an inspired giving community. 

You will learn:

  • How to meet financial goals and focus on the mission

  • How to change individual giving experiences to inspire renewal

  • The 3-part Mission Centered Fundraising System

  • Why this change is critical to the future of fundraising

Engaging Penny

  • Penny is available as a keynote speaker or presenter at regional or national conferences for fundraisers or non-for-profit CEOs. She also accepts speaking engagements for non-for-profit organizations and philanthropy associations.

  • Penny will lead a workshop or breakout session following a keynote.