Coaching for fundraising with CEOs and Chief Fundraising Officers to plan and manage effective and efficient change for fundraising programs. Coaching supports the CEO and fundraiser to introduce Mission Centered Fundraising with annual giving, capital campaigns or hiring a fundraiser. I work with you to get alignment with values, plans, and donor relationships for high donor renewals and success in meeting financial goals. Coaching is a learning experience that is customized to meet clients needs. Coaching is done in-person or online using zoom conferencing.

Chief Fundraiser Coaching

  • Navigate program changes that focuses on donor renewal

  • Increase skills in time management

  • Create human-to-human fundraising culture that focuses on the mission

  • Lead without authority

  • Redefine how success is measured

CEO Coaching

  • Navigate organizational changes for fundraising

  • Build confidence in managing changes in fundraising culture

  • Create a human-to-human fundraising culture

  • Strengthen confidence in working with fundraisers

  • Build confidence in donor relationships focused on mission to build success

  • Redefine how success is measured



Coaching Process

  • Getting to know you: You will share and answer questions to provide a full picture of your current situation.  

  • Agreement on Purpose and Goals:  We will work to define and confirm your goals for change and the reason for the change you want to make.  This may include financial goals.  We will discuss ways for you to hold yourself accountable and ways to overcome challenges to stretch yourself.

  • Working toward Goals, and Practicing:  Each coaching session will begin with you sharing your progress, challenges, successes, and insights gained.  Continued support will be provided and offered for ways to navigate challenges.

  • Closing your Coaching Program:  During the last session, we will reflect on your progress.  How do you feel about your experience?  What are you next steps?  

You Will Receive

  • A document that outline your coaching package designed for your specific issues and outcomes of our coaching program.

  • A fundraising system, Mission Centered Fundraising, that guides your changes in donor relationships for renewal.

  • Private weekly or twice-monthly 1.5 hour sessions for a minimum of 8 sessions to check on progress, discuss new learnings, and address challenges.

  • Email and brief calls, as needed, during the coaching period.

Schedule an introductory call with me to see if coaching is right for you and your organization.