Fundraising is a community building program


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Working with non-profit CEOs and fundraisers we build trust and integrity within their organization to make raising money a meaningful, fun, and shared activity. 

For 30+ years I have been fundraising and know that donors and organization people are involved to serve a mission they care about.  Fundraising enables any person to join in support of the mission they care about.  Money is what keeps them actively serving their community. 

You will learn to grow or create an individual donor program in which:

  • Renewing donors is a priority

  • Donors become partners

  • Creates a culture that is about relationships and interactions, not only money.

  • Provides meaningful connection with the real value of the mission for the larger community and beneficiaries.

  • Donors know the value of their gifts through real stories and information

  • Donors know the vision, plans, goals, financials, and results of their gifts.

Together we can make this happen.  I work 1-1 with the fundraiser or CEO or work together.  My coaching will enable fundraisers to take responsibility for donor relationships and manage their experience. I create presentations for the board to understand and support building strong individual giving programs making renewal a priority.

My experience in fundraising includes building strong relationships with donors and changing their experience.  I managed a capital campaign at a small rural hospital. We raised $6.3 million dollars in 13 months in-part because of the community-building the campaign motivated people in the town.  Everyone wanted to share in building a new children’s center at their hospital. Over 3300 people made gifts to the new center….a shared community commitment with fundraising.

If you are a CEO or fundraiser and want to create fundraising as a community building program, invite donors to join in support and renew them, I can help you.  We will focus on the mission engaging the entire organization to build a generous giving-community.

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To experience fundraisers and philanthropists at the vortex of enabling communities to be caring, livable, strong, and successful places to live.


To support the creation of innovative fundraising programs that enable fundraisers to lead in authentic relationships with donors providing meaningful giving experiences and inspiring their commitment to renew.


  • Mission is the goal —- money is how the donors participate as the way to serve the mission

  • Donors join in support of the mission as partners to serve their community

  • Donors renewing their commitment annually is a priority

  • Human-to-human interaction is the process for donors to belong, have meaning, and understand how they help.

  • Generosity is celebrated, and a cooperative and collaborative culture is created

  • Fundraising and philanthropy are at the vortex building strong, livable communities

  • Honor the human desire to help with meaningful connections with fundraising


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