I believe giving is a generous act of sharing to help and to belong.  Authentic interaction with the results of giving creates a reciprocity that inspires renewal.

Unlike fundraising consultants, I work with the Fundraiser, CEO, or both as your coach, to support you in the process of building real relationships with your donors. The purpose of the Mission Centered Fundraising System is to keep your donors informed, involved, and interested in continuing their support.

I will coach you to create


The Fundraising Team

with clear roles and responsibilities


Donor Relationship Cycle

that provides a system for renewing partnerships


Donor Experience Management Framework

that supports managing the renewal process

The mission is the reason the organization, fundraiser, and donors join. Together they serve a community need in ways greater than anyone could do by themselves.  This collaboration provides a shared sense of belonging.  Service to the mission is the end goal with Mission Centered Fundraising (MCF).  Fundraising enables the perfect environment for people to help and belong to a giving community, sharing an impact with others.  Mission Centered Fundraising transforms fundraising from a transactional experience to a meaningful interaction.

Let me tell you how one donor explained his giving to me. He was a long-time donor at the hospital where I worked. He called one day to let me know he was proud of his connection with the hospital.  He told me that every time he drove by the hospital, he believed that he had helped make it possible for his town. I was moved and grew in awareness that giving is a way people join with others to strengthen their community.  With his belief came a sense of belonging and helping.  I want every donor to have this feeling.

Donors are true partners in serving the mission. Individual donors make a commitment and their interest is acknowledged.  A donor’s focus is not money.  The key to their renewal is their relationship and giving experience with the organization.  When money is the end goal, donors lose real connection and don’t renew.

When donors don’t renew, we work to replace them. This often means we need to secure 70-80% new donors every year, and that isn’t sustainable. Donors aren’t happy, and fundraisers are changing jobs in 2 years or less at an average cost of about $125,000 each time. Unhappy donors feel that only their money matters, and organizational leaders hate to ask for money. This reduces the giving experience to fleeting moments of feeling generous.

I look forward to a conversation with you to learn your challenges and share how Mission Centered Fundraising can work for you.

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