Shifting the Paradigm for Making a Difference

Fundraisers value people’s desire to help as they decide to support missions they care about.  We want donors to affirm their giving decisions by renewing year after year. 

Their choice to give or renew isn’t about money.  It is about experience and connection.

Think about this. If you want to go to the beach, you think about the sky, the waves, and the sun, and you jump into your car.  Desire motivates us to take action.  We will use what we have to get us there as the means to get what we want. 

If children’s theater is important to me, I want it to continue giving so I can experience the value of my help. It is worth my money to support whatever mission is meaningful to me.  How I make my gift or how much I give doesn’t matter.  My motivation is to perpetuate something I love and to participate with a mission that I care about, and that benefits my community.

When the fundraiser supports the donor’s desire to help and belong, the donor experiences a meaningful connection.  The fundraiser accepts donors as people who care, making them partners intent on serving the mission.

As the facilitator of the donor’s experience, the fundraiser has a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of giving and receiving, which in turn inspires continuing support.

Donors are real people looking for connection and ways to help.  Belonging is the reward for them to continue giving. 

Fundraisers must be the leaders changing the fundraising culture to one of belonging and renewing.

What are the challenges to prioritize donor renewal?

Check out my Facebook page “Professional Fundraiser Join Together” – it’s a place to share challenges and find ways to inspire renewing donors. If you want, it will become a professional support group (PSG) building a new giving culture.