What is Mission-Centered Fundraising?

A fundraiser's main focus is to meet their financial goal.

Many of you have high non-renewal. You spend too much time looking for new donors. You are always looking to convince someone you don't really know to make a gift. This results in working with a lot of people you don't have a connection with. It is easy to focus on the money, as it is the main reason you talk with them. You can feel isolated from many in the organization at times because no one really likes fundraising.

What if you could meet the financial goal and have the following?

  • A culture where people want to be connected to fundraising and inspired to renew every year.

  • 90% renewal of donors - you know the donors and each year interact authentically while building a committed community who understand the value of the mission and know they are valued as partners.

  • Lower the need for donor acquisition to only when growing capacity is needed.

  • As fundraiser you would manage a donor community (instead of a list of donors) as insiders giving them connection to the mission, its value to the community and how the organization's staff and leaders meet the mission goals.

This is possible with Mission Centered Fundraising.

It is a 3-part process.

1. Build the Team

2. Manage Donor Relationship

3. Create the Donor Renewal Cycle

The mission is at the heart of everyone's involvement. There are 4 values:

  • Every donor matters

  • Renewal is a priority

  • Connection is human-to-human

  • The fundraiser is the responsible leader

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