Step Four : 2017 Goal Increase Opportunity


So many times we make calls only to get the voice mail.  So let’s turn this into an opportunity.  Here’s a possible message:

“Hi, This is _______.  I am _______ at ___Name of organization________.  I am sorry that I missed talking with you today.  I am calling to let you know we appreciate your commitment to (mission) and your support last year”

“Since we haven’t connected with you this year I am calling to learn more about your interest in (name the mission) and if you would like to continue your partnership serving (name beneficiaries).  Lots can happen in a year and I want to catch up with you to learn more about your interest and your experience this year as a partner serving our community or to answer your questions.”

“If you are willing to have a short conversation please email me (email address) with some times you would be available for a call.”  

“Thank you so much for your commitment and caring for (mission).  We invite you to continue to share in the work.  I hope to talk with you soon.”

Keep it simple and recognize caring and meaningfulness of their commitment.  You do not need to talk about money specifically.

Alison Castillo

Truth Design Studio, 136 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME, 04011