Step Three : 2017 Goal Increase Opportunity

It’s the third and final day of our challenge! Today you’re going to spend some time planning the calls and getting comfortable with the approach.

Here are some things to touch on during each call:

  • Invite them to tell you what they have liked about being a donors.  

  • Ask what they would like to know about the organization.

  • Confirm that the organization views them as partners with others within the organization, making programs possible for beneficiaries.  You want and need their continuing partnership.

  • Share a personal story. Creating human connection is best done through storytelling.

Remember to talk to the donor as a real person who care about the mission….as a friend…partner.  If they want to renew  their support they will.  If they feel you care about their experience ..they will respond.  You will learn why they haven’t continued their support.  

Make the mission and their commitment to it be the focus and reason for your call. Make the call friendly. Be interested and learn from them.