Is Renewal Important?

Over time strategies, processes, and systems for raising philanthropic funds have grown more sophisticated increasing the amounts of money raised. Yet 70% of people making gifts don’t make a renewing gift to the same organization. Why?

When we raise the money needed for our organization, leaders ask how much focus can we give to donor renewal? What is the impact on the organization when people don’t make renewing gifts? What is lost beyond the gift and the donor? Is it a silly idea to envision a philanthropy program with a 95% renewal of donors?

Should non-profit leaders and executives be concerned when the philanthropy program loses 70% of their donors every year? Donors are a type of customer. If the energy and focus required to find new donors every year is reduced the time available for strengthening trust and building connection with current donors increases. What stops leaders from doing this?

As humans we are wired for connection and the desire to help. We make a gift wanting to feel connected and to know when we helped do something that mattered. What is the donor experience when they choose not to renew?

Please share your experience with donor renewal, thoughts, comments, or ideas. I will respond. Successful donor renewal is a growing issue. The opportunity is to create innovation in program management. What would change look like? What keeps organizational leaders from focusing on high donor renewal?