What is Renewable Philanthropy?

Renewable Philanthropy commits to building and strengthening the relationship of organizational leaders, executive and donors by creating a new paradigm for our thinking about the culture of “asking and giving”. It recognizes that philanthropy is more than money.

We begin with new ways to think about the donor’s role in the organization that begins with the organization’s intention of creating donors who want to renew their annual support at a 90-95% level.

Where do we begin? We begin where UN you are in your philanthropy programs with your donors.

We will work with you to:

Renewable Philanthropy is important as it guides the development of real donor relationships by integrating them into the operations of your organization. Renewing donors are better informed on the work of the organization (successes and challenges), become advocates, feel their significance, and help stabilize financial management.

  • Clarify current practices
  • Determine vision for your philanthropy program
  • Identify your beliefs about money and donors
  • Determine your donor’s value to the organization
  • Identify what you need donors to do
  • Determine the role of donors in your organization
  • Articulate how donors can share in your successes
  • Clarify and articulate the organization’s commitment to the donors