Mission Centered Fundraising (MCF) Introduction

Imagine Every 2016 Donor Becomes A 2017 Donor

Welcome to 2017! This year promises to be one of change. Perhaps it is a good time to experiment with the annual giving program. I am thinking of a goal to renew every 2016 donor.

Renewing donors is always part of the plan. A goal to renew every current donor would be a pivot in a new direction. Let’s think baby steps to the big idea. The first step, agree on the intention to renew every 2016 donor or a percentage of donors as an experiment. Remember, these donors are already friends.

Current donors have already said, “Yes"? at least once to supporting your organization Imagine your feeling if every donor said, “Yes"? again. It is an ambitious and inspiring goal. What do you need to know to meet this goal successfully?

Giving experiences that confirm the donor is more important then their money. Reciprocity for donors is feeling connected, a sense they belong, and they are helping. Donors are partners in serving the mission to which their community benefits. A donor’s main goal is support a mission in their community, through an organization. Money is the means to that goal.

Treat donors like people who care about the mission. In this world with stress, pressure, and change, giving needs to be a place for people to feel joy, feel they matter, and share in helping others. No matter the amount of the gift, fundraisers can create reciprocity for all donors to feel valued, which will spark their desire to renew. This happens with awesome giving experiences! I can coach you to do that.

If you would like to focus on renewing your 2016 donors, I can train you to use my 3-part system. I will coach you to build more authentic relationships with donors and provide an awesome giving experience for them. This is the reciprocity that donors need to renew their support.

Here’s what we know when donors renew annually.

They are more likely to:

• make a planned gift • be better informed on the organization’s programs • understand the need for a campaign and become supporters • give larger gifts when possible • encourage others to support • have relationships with a board member, executive, and staff

Organizations benefit from renewing donors as they will have:

• time and resources for building real relationships • greater stability in their donor community • fundraisers developing a sustainable fundraising program • a systematic renewal process

Mission Centered Fundraising (MCF), a 3-part system, I created, with donor renewal at its heart. It is a repeatable process connecting donors with people and the mission. Contact me to schedule a meeting (no charge) to explore building donor relationships that last and what it means to make donors partners.