Renewing Donors by Transforming Relationships

My 30 years of fundraising includes conversations with more than 1000 donors throughout the US. I appreciate how personal gift-making is. No matter the amount of the gift, it is money a donor is choosing to give to support a mission they have interest in.

With professional fundraising focused on money and especially large gifts, it isn’t surprising that people who make gifts of smaller amounts experience giving and themselves as not important. Fundraisers focus on raising the money because that’s what they get paid to do. Meaningful connection with the donor is limited, as success is defined by the money raised. Donor renewal is nice, but not a necessity.

Research in the past ten years reveals a downward spiral of giving with people making gifts under $250. That cumulative effect is a 25% decline in people making small gifts. Check out this report for additional information: It is time to reverse this trend! I can support you giving donors experiences that energize them to renew.

When donors believe their gift is small, they do not experience generosity. I will share that for a few years, I made a $1500 gift to an organization. When I dropped my gift to $250, no one asked me about my experience. It was my plan to reinstate my gift the following year. When I didn’t hear from anyone, I felt my gift didn’t really matter. This is a favorite organization for me, yet I did not return to the higher level.

People give money to help an organization, trusting and believing their gift will help meet a community need. Yet, following a thank-you letter, another request for money arrives. Donors tell me they hate making a gift because it means they will get more letters asking for more money. It is time for this to change. I can support you building real relationships with donors to keep their interest in renewing.

Here’s what we know when donors renew annually.

They are more likely to:

  • make a planned gift

  • be better informed on the need for a campaign and become supporters

  • give larger gifts when possible

  • help encourage others to support

  • have relationships with a board member, executive, and staff

Organizations benefit from renewing donors as they will have:

  • time and resources for building real relationships
  • greater stability in their donor community
  • fundraisers developing a sustainable fundraising program
  • a systematic renewal process


M ission Centered Fundraising (MCF) is a 3-part system to renew donors that I developed. I encourage you to contact me to schedule a complimentary (phone or in-person) meeting at: We will discuss how you can increase your donor wanting to renew using MCF. I look forward to connecting with you