Step Two : 2017 Goal Increase Opportunity

It’s day two of our three day challenge and today we’re going to put some of your research into planning.

Schedule time to make 3-6 calls to donors per day based on the length of your list.

The goal is to connect with about 25 donors per week between now and new year. In 4 weeks that would be 100 donors! Think of the boost you can see to your goal and the mission by connecting with just 5 people per week. Each call should only last about XX minutes with moderate impact on your week. 

Planning the conversation will be important to help you feel comfortable and bring value to the donor. 

It’s ok if the first few calls feel uncomfortable, it’s a normal part of stepping out of the comfort zone! But after a few tries, you’re sure to find it fun and look forward to that part of your day.